Gulu, una guerra dimenticata

Gulu, a Forgotten War
by Luca Zingaretti Documentary Italia 2003 52'

This documentary filmed in Uganda bring the drama of the Acholi population to the attention of the public.This ethnic group, that lives in Northern Uganda, has been in the centre of a conflict between President Museveni's army and Lord's Resistance Army rebels lead by Joseph Koni for seventeen years. Children are forced to recruit, massacres in defenceless villages, sexual violence, and plunder; the District of Gulu is now considered to be one of the most alarming humanitarian emergency on Earth. The region, formerly one of the most prosperous in eastern Africa, is starving to death.
AMREF is the largest non-profit health organization operating in East Africa, which was founded in Nairobi in 1957 and continues to provide health care programs in 14 countries.


Luca Zingaretti



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