The Film4Climate Global Video Competition is part of the World Bank Group's Connect4Climate project. The initiative promotes sustainability through proposals for solving climate change advanced by young persons working in the creative industry.  The winning films, announced at the 2016 Cannes Festival and selected by an international commission headed by Bernardo Bertolucci, were screened at the U.N. COP22 conference held in Marrakesh in November 2016. Three Seconds
di Spencer Sharp e Prince Ea (USA 2106, 5')
Primo premio Short FilmAction contre la Faim
di Josh Dawson (Australia 2016, 1')
Primo premio PSAThe Snow Guardian
di Nathan Dappen (USA 2106, 6')
Secondo premio Short filmLove Note to an Island di Lulu DeBoer (Kiribati 2016, 6')
Secondo premio Short filmCan we di Skyros Team(Grecia 2016, 2')
Premio del pubblicoBefore it's too late
di Ferdaous Abouhaouari (Marocco 2016, 5')
MENA AwardA Sun at Night
di Rameshwar Bhatt (India 2016, 3')
Premio Giovani Short filmYour choice di Daniel Martinez Martinez (Spagna 2016, 1')



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