Free Willy

Free Willy, un amico da salvare
by Simon Wincer Fiction Usa 1993 108'

The story of Jesse, a rebellious foster child, and his friendship with Willy, an orca that belongs to the local aquarium, North West Adventure Park. Seeing that Willy is exploited by the park's owner, Jesse, with help from the whale's caretaker, schemes to free Willy and return him to his ocean home. This exciting eco-environmentalist fable is a denouncement of man's exploitation of animals in general, and animal shows in particular. The spectacular live scene of Willy's first exhibition is followed by even more daring scenes, in which an electronic "stunt" orca was used. The dramatic return of fictional Willy set the stage for the return of orca Keyko, another performing killer whale, to her natural habitat.<%YOUTUBE=TThkNrzhHyU%>

Film submission

23° Festival


29 May - 03 June 2020

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