by Joris Ivens Fiction Paesi Bassi 1929 33'

In Katwijk, a small village on the Dutch coast, a young fisherman loses his job. To survive, he turns to a usurer who gets hold of all his belongings and even steals his gir lfriend. Alone and with no prospects, the protagonist seeks revenge. Finally he won't react and will abandon ever ything to go to sea. Ivens was not satisfied with this film, possibly his only fiction except for De Wigwam (The Tepee) which he shot at the age of thirteen: "Once it was finished, we were disappointed." He definitely gave up this genre, but became quite experienced in actor direction. As the environment plays an important role, Ivens did his best to inte grate the characters into the natural scenery. "It looked l i ke a documentary in the way it could depict a certain reality. [...] What w e were mainly interested in was to mak e a film, not necessarily a masterpiece , which could express a kind of cinema we loved." The breaker s were shot in the sea using a rubber bag and a small mirror before the camera.


Joris Ivens


Paesi Bassi

Film submission

26° Festival


05 June - 11 June 2023

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