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Contro Coltura by Luca Puzzangara (Italy 2019, 32’)
Documentary realized with NutriAid International

Climate change is a global phenomenon, but its effects vary depending on local ecosystems and economies. In Senegal it manifests as a dramatic decrease in rainfall, rising sea levels, water salinization, mangrove forest reduction, and soil acidification in southern Senegal. Could the rediscovery of fonio, a type of millet and one of the oldest seeded cereals of sub-Saharan Africa, provide a solution?

Luca Puzzangara studied international relations at the University of Turin before working as videomaker and radio/TV reporter covering environmental issues. 

the director;
Alessia Ferro, project manager NutriAid International; 
Federico Cuomo, journalist;

Afar: dove i sogni e la terra bruciano by Tommaso Montaldo (Italy 2019, 15’)

Afar, Ethiopia, is considered the cradle of humanity. The history of mankind began here millions of years ago, but today the area is one of the most inhospitable on Earth. Persistent drought caused by climate change has made the savannah arid and threatens the life of the local population. Through the accounts of LVIA NGO operators working in the area we learn of the population’s daily battle to defend their right to live in the area.

Tommaso Montaldo trained as a videomaker, then specialized as a documentarist at the Prague Film School. His prize-winning previous short film has been shown at international festivals; his current project is a feature length film. Ethiopia is his first humanitarian assignment.

the director;
Lia Curcio, communication manager LVIA NGO;
Angelo Conti, journalist and board director of Fondazione La Stampa-Specchio dei Tempi;
Simone Migliaro, photograph;

EkoKai by Lorenzo Bernardi, Giorgia Marino, Sara Perro (Italy 2019, webdoc)
Webdoc realized with Architecture Without Borders Piedmont

“Kay” in Creole means house/home. In Haiti, having a house means having as sense of safety, self-esteem, the luxury of having a future. Reconstruction can therefore mean reinventing or recovering forgotten traditions, rebuilding an environmentally sustainable community and supply chain for local populations. A look at the problems and good practices to struggle out of the earthquake aftermath.

Giorgia Marino writes about green economy and culture for La Stampa – Tuttogreen, Materia Rinnovabile, and Casa Naturale. 
Lorenzo Bernardi, videomaker, collaborates with La7 TV and writes on politics and innovation.
Sara Perro writes about the environment, society, and innovation for L’Eco del Chisoneand other journals, including La Nuova Ecologia.

the directors;
Valeria Cottino, president of Architecture Without Borders Piedmont;
Annalisa Mosetto, vicepresident of Architecture Without Borders Piedmont;

Bangladesh and Piedmont: together towards SDGs by Luca Schilirò (Italy 2018, 43’)

Realized with Ashar Gan Onlus, this reportage takes on the commonly held cliché about Bengali immigrants: itinerant rose sellers. The film starts with short street interviews with people in downtown Turin, revealing a lack of knowledge about Bangladesh and the problems the Bengali face: arranged marriage, prostitution, immigration, and no health care for most of the population.

Luca Schilirò worked for various Turin print media before specializing as videomakerHaving a keen interest in foreign politics, the Middle East, and Islamic culture, he currently works as a reporter for La7 TV. 

the director;
Elisa Gioè, Ashar Gan Onus;

Message from a Bottle by Niccolò Bruna (Italy 2018, 30’)
Reportage produced in collaboration with CIFA Onlus

Only 9% of the 8.3 billion tons of plastic produced since 1950 has been recycled. Every year at least 8 million tons winds up in the ocean. How can this disastrous course be reversed? The film documents the simple yet innovative way in which PET is recycled in Hawassa, Ethiopia. A chain of positive reactions that could involve the entire continent.

Niccolò Bruna has a long career as film documentarist. Polvere, il grande processo dell’amianto (2011), co-directed with Andrea Prandstraller, was awarded at the 14th CinemAmbiente. Through CIFA Onlus and a DevReporter grant, he directed Le ragazze di Wuchale (2015), presented at CinemAmbiente, on social and scholastic inclusion of Ethiopian girls.

the director;
Marco Pastori, project coordinator for CIFA Onus;

The Power of Passport by Simona Carnino (Italy 2019, 30’)

The story of Guatemalan women trying to migrate to the United States through illegal networks. A comment on United Nations SDG no. 10 –Reduce inequality within and between countries - and equal access to the right to freedom of movement between states, and an urgent call for policies that facilitate legal immigration.

Simona Carnino, reporter and operator with local and international cooperation projects, has dealt with the repercussions of economic and environmental conflicts on native populations in Latin America. She directed Aguas de Oro (2015), followed by the web series PassaggiQuando gli stranieri fanno integrazione (2017).

the director;
Stefania Di Campli, MAIS Ong

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