Fluss der Zeit

Rivers and Tides
by Thomas Riedelshmeier Documentary Germania 2000 90'

A creative documentary on the flowing of life through Scotland, Canada, New York State and France. It is a sensuous journey inside nature and its mysteries, related to Andy Goldsworthy's work, a sculptor well-known for his ice, stone, lava and leaves' sculptures. Some of these works, once finished, become part of the landscape while others are destroyed or transformed. In the past Goldsworthy tried to record them through photography, before they disappeared. Many of these pictures have been collected in a book which gave him fame. Now it is Fluss del Zeit, a profound and moving film shot throughout the four seasons, which offers a basis for Goldsworthy's artistic discourse against ineluctable time.<%YOUTUBE=2BowR6iTU4g%>



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05 June - 11 June 2023

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