Laboratorio di cinema del Primo Liceo Artistico

Film workshop at the Primo Liceo Artistico
by Gioanola Vincenzo Animazione Italia/Italy 2008 3'

THE CHAIN A ship illegally dumps toxic waste into the sea; the contaminated fish wind up on the plate of those responsible for this environmental disaster. In just three minutes, Vincenzo Gioanola and the group of students at the Primo Liceo
Artistico, Turin, he supervised on this 2D digital animation project illustrate how senseless practices threaten the environmental and our own survival.TRASHA ring of garbage bags circling the Earth. Even with regulations on waste collection and disposal, vast gray areas remain where illegal business thrives, as witnessed by the recent garbage crisis in Campagnia. This 1-minute short on a hot topic was made by animation expert Vincenzo Gioanola and the students of the Primo Liceo Artistico, Turin.GLASS LIFE Throwing away a glass bottle is the right thing to do if it lands in a recycling bin. In a world sinking in trash, where the word "recycle" hasn't gotten around yet, an intelligent use of trash could make things a lot simpler, especially for
the planet. Vincenzo Gioanola and his students at the Primo Liceo Artistico, Turin, show us how in this short animation video.


Gioanola Vincenzo



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