Cinefiat: Fiat: terra, mare, cielo: 1909-1932

FIAT : Earth, Sea, Sky: 1909-1932
by Archivio Fiat Documentary Italia 1915 30'

Vehicles Parade in Ferrara In the centre of the city, with people lined on either side, coaches and cars parade, among them Fiat 1 Fiacre, 8HP e 12HPWorkshops in Corso DanteThe first FIAT plant in Corso Dante. All the car manufacture phases: engine assembly, gearboxes, chassis. Testing engines and motor cars. Wide pannings on workshops interiors and locations. Long final sequence showing workers and clerks going out of the factory for the midday meal.A Race Track in BresciaReport of Alessandro Cagno's win, on Fiat 803 Corsa, at the Grand Prix "vetturette" of Brescia in 1923. Images of the race and of refuelling and tyres replacements at the pits.A Journey to IndiaAnimated cartoons with captions in German. A man, thanks to an inheritance, decides to buy a car. After a series of unconvincing proposals he finds out at a Fiat car dealer the right vehicle, neither too small nor too big, that wholly meets his needs: a Fiat 514 .RALLY DELLE FIAT 6CVImages of the motor car reliability trial that took place in La Baule (France) from 2nd to 3rd September 1932; shots of the fashion contest linked to the rally; final parade of Fiat 6CV.Earth, Sea, SkyPar excellence institutional movie showing the competence and extent of the production process of Fiat industries. From steel plants to motor cars, buses, lorries, military vehicles, farm tractors, till the "Littorina", an example of railway pride. And again, ship engines, aircrafts, seaplanes.


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