Fast Food Nation

by Richard Linklater Fiction Usa, Gran Bretagna 2006 116'

Based on Eric Schlosser's (screenplay co-writer) best seller of the same name, Fast Food Nation points an angry finger at the U.S. convenience food industry and at fast-food restaurants in particular. Don Anderson (Greg Kinnear), marketing director for Mickey's, a fast-food chain, discovers that the meat served in Mickey's coast to coast is rotten. In an attempt to discover the truth, he moves from California to Cody, Colorado, where the meat processing plant is located. Behind the ultra-clean façade lies an inconvenient reality: low-quality meat products derived from production waste. But there's more besides: illegal Mexicans working under brutal conditions and at risk of work-related accidents.


Richard Linklater


Usa, Gran Bretagna

Film submission

24° Festival


01 October - 06 October 2021

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