Le affinità elettive

Elective Affinities
by Gabriele Muccino Videoclip Italia 2003 15'

How traslate to the feminine one of the most consolidated existential archetype, still before than narrative, better that centred around the "manly friendship"? That is all, at the end, the Gabiele Muccino's challenge who, telling an uncucessful "exchanging pair", capsizes the traditional roles showing us two figures of young women, beautifuls, confidents, witties, that choose to betray their men with the other one, but expecially: "they choose to choose", better to maintain the control ...traditional male prerogative, at least in the narrative convention of emotions and situation. Born under the sign of irony and narrated with a look follower to the skin of the characters with an use almost "liquid" of the steadycam, the Muccino's film remember us, for the thoughtlessness anhd the beauty of the characters (that have to learn to play a little less) the rohmerian L'ami de mon amie.


Gabriele Muccino



Film submission

24° Festival


01 October - 06 October 2021

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