Documentary USA 2008 60'

Ecopolis, a 6-part series produced for Discovery Green, illustrates a virtual city and helps us to understand how our lives will change and what impact our daily routine will have on pollution and the greenhouse effect. The prospects for the planet are not so dim and not all the news is bad: this mindopening and entertaining series demonstrates solutions and alternative lifestyles conceivable for the city of the future. Designers, inventors, experts, new technologies and discoveries show us how Ecopolis may guide us toward creating green cities in the 50 years ahead. In the first episode (Hungry City), Nobel prize winner Dan Kammen describes solutions and technologies for the megalopolis of the future and examines the problems with providing water and food for 18 million people in an eco-sustainable manner. The other episodes in the series are: Road to the Future (mobility), A World of Trash (waste management), Building the Future (sustainable architecture and construction), Powering the Future (energy solutions), Ultimate Ecopolis (a synopsis of technologies and solutions illustrated in the preceding episodes).



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