Don Vitaliano

by Paolo Pisanelli Documentary Italia 2002 54'

Don Vitaliano, a parish priest of Sant'Angelo a Scala, a small Italian town of 600 inhabitants, is a well-known Italian priest, for his pacifist commitment in the no-global movement, for his fight aiming at rebuilding churches in Irpinia after the earthquake, for the sheer sympathy shown to the gay movement during the Jubilee, for the actions of civil disobedience during G8 summit in Genoa. The film tells us Don Vital- iano's thoughts and deeds, his social activism in Italy and his international mission abroad, resisting criticism by his bishop and speaking out against careerist clergy. After Don Vitaliano last shot, the Vatican has suspended the priest a divinis. The movie supported NO ESTAN SOLOS, a project of ¡YA BASTA! for the building of a school and a hospital in the zapatist village of San José del Rio, Chiapas.

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