Scen/ari di sostenibilità - Fuori dal seminato

A mysterious dinner in a place of Turin: turfs with flowering plants, heaps of acorns and leaves lying on the floor, cans containing indefinite stuffs. Two artists of Turin combine together their passion for collecting and art creation and so they give birth to ESCULENTA- action of common collection and food consumption of natural produce. In this project the stress focuses on harvest, the very early deed to find nourishment, the straight thread between man and nature, a lost knowledge which maybe it is worth retrieving. Through an inquiry involving the pickers present on our lands, we will find out the various ways and aims of harvest: some people pick up for food, others for medical treatment or as a job. The pickers speak about their individual experiences leading us to consider the difficulties, the limits of harvest, but also the strong ties with a land seen as the origin of resources and a precious gift to protect.

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24° Festival


01 October - 06 October 2021

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