Delta Oil's Dirty Business

by Yorgos Avgeropoulos Documentary Grecia 2006 65'

The dark side of global development: the Niger Delta, once a natural paradise, has been transformed into an inferno of rigs and refineries operated by Western oil companies that have destroyed the area's ecosystem and reaped enormous profits. Over 20 million people live and work in the Delta, where se vere contamination of the flora and fauna has led to changes in the food chain. In reaction to repeated attacks by special forces and the Nigerian police in the oil firms' hire to stifle protest, the local population has resorted to armed retaliation. The film shows for the first time from an insider's perspective the life-threatening risks the members of one of these homeland defense groups, Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger (MEND) are willing to take to stop the devastation. <%YOUTUBE=ZGMB9Z4t5Xc%>  



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