Chronique d'un été

A Summer's Cronicle
by Edgar Morin, Jean Rouch Documentary Francia 1961 90'

Chronique d'un été is a milestone in the history of cinema. Jean Rouch and Edgar Morin were among the first cinematographers to use audio-sync equipment together with a 16mm. camera. This work confirmed the decisive assertion of the "cinéma vérité" and of its methodoly, which stirred up an animated debate."˜Comment vis-tu?'(How do you live?) was the starting question asked to differing generations inthe1960's,whileawaitingtheendofthewarinAlgeria.ThesurveyalsoinfluencedMarcelineLoridan, a formerly deported woman who later become a documentarist (she married Joris Ivens and took his surname). In the end, the directors met together to watch and comment on their film, while the war could perhaps finish the following year.

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