Cities on Speed - Bogota change

Citta' tutta velocita' - Il cambiamento di Bogota'
by Andreas M. Dalsgaard Documentary DANIMARCA/DENMARK 2009 58'

Street clowns and children no longer toting weapons. Thanks to the unorthodox methods of two mayors, Antanas Mockus and Enrique PeÁ±alosa (among them, many interventions linked to mobility) in less than 10 years Bogota, formerly one of the world's most dangerous cities, has been turned into a model city of peace and order. Thanks to the accounts of Antanas Mockus and Enrique PeÁ±alosa, we discover the ideas, the philosophy and the political strategy behind this radical change.. The film is part of a series of documentaries on recent changes in modern big cities such as Shangai or Il Cairo. <%YOUTUBE=UalmPqshzxY%>



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