Rivista Cines n. 9

Cines Revue n. 9

The newsreel opens with the award ceremony of the Italian Air Force well-deserving officers. The pilots get on the stand where they are given a medal by Mussolini. In the report about ice-skating, a couple whirls to the sound of music. On board sailing ships, some sailors strike the sails, others clean the deck or wrestle in judo competitions. In the United States there is a women's running race with hoops The prize-giving ends with a parade of the participants. In Bologna, university students show their goliardic spirit parading on carnival floats, where they make fun of their future professions. A puppet show follows, where dancers perform in a minuet, a waltz and a funny modern dance. The next scene is about boxing: children concentrate on training and compete in a match before their parents. Then a horse-race. Jockeys ride their horses in a strange hurdle race. Miss America beauty contest is taking place in the US, while an Afro-American choir is singing blues. The newsreel ends with a song of the Canterini Etnei choir, whose women perform a folk dance.



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05 June - 11 June 2023

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