Rivista Cines n. 4

Cines Revue n. 4

The presenter is Elio Steiner. The first report is about Rushmore, where the faces of the most important US presidents are carved in the rock. The puppet theatre is the subject of the second report, set in Italy. In Africa there is a camel race. Tenor Romi Joni sings a tango. Three comedians, special tourists at the Niagara Falls, tell jokes. Who will be able to replace the great past comedians? Totò, looking embarrassed while screen-tested, could be one of the movie stars of the future. Another report from America shows three students singing in a choir. The newsreel ends with the patron saint's festival in a village in Lazio, including music, choruses and the procession of children dressed as angels.

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26° Festival


05 June - 11 June 2023

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