Rivista Cines n. 3

Cines Revue n. 3

The voice-over takes us on a trip to different foreign countries. The first one is the United States, where there is a competition for teen-agers and their pets. Dogs are the most favourite animals. If you look through the microscope you can see the crystallization of ammonium chlorinate and other scientific prodigies .Grazia Del Rio sings Bijou. A would-be boxing world champion trains by doing complex physical exercises. On his arrival in Rome, Primo Carnera is cheered with enthusiasm by ten thousand people clapping. You go on with the three-year-old colts Grand Prix at Churchill town. Then you turn to America, where they talk of peace while they are building cannons, battleships, airplanes. Back to sport, there is a report on world cycling champions, such as Alfredo Binda, Costante Girardengo, Learco Guerra, who are often unable to speak Italian correctly. Young Marzano, amateur world champion, says it's definitely better cycling than speaking. The next report is back to the US: a classical music concert played with harmonicas. In the final part, members of the Fascist youth movement from Rome visit the Cines studios.



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01 October - 06 October 2021

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