Rivista Cines n. 1

Cines Revue n. 1

The newsreel focuses on the new Cines studios, just modernized to cope with the revolution of talking films. Elio Steiner and Dria Paola take the viewers around the studios, the development and printing laboratories, the film stock rooms. As to the power plant, it is so powerful that it could light a city of a hundred thousand inhabitants. Then you get to the studios, from the set where Alessandro Blasetti is shooting a scene of Resurrectio, to the one where Mario Almirante is directing Napoli che Canta (Naples singing). On the set of Medico per forza (Doctor against his will) by Carlo Campogalliani, after a ciak Ettore Petrolini makes a short comment on the possibilities of talking films. Armando Falconi tells a joke on his bushy eyebrows. The newsreel ends with the official opening ceremony. Next to producer Stefano Pittaluga is the Minister of Corporations, who points out the artistic, economic and political importance of the cinema, assuring the interest of the regime that will provide adequate interventions and funds.



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