Cinema Soleil

by Jean-Paul De Zaeytijd Fiction Belgio 2002 52'

Two young Haitian, Claudy (15) and Wilner (24), in spite of misery, grubbiness and violence ruling Soleil town, do not yield to despair. Few accumulators, a television set, a video-recorder and some old movie posters are enough to open a homemade cinema. Getting over thousands problems they succeed in carrying out their small business. Thanks to a strong vitality and an endless enthusiasm, the little cinema meets with outstanding success, due to a nearly nominal ticket price and to kung fu movies, so beloved by children. It is the story of a fulfilled dream and even more the open evidence of the power of cinema, able to pick the boys up out of the gutter, becoming a cheerful meeting place. As one of the movie-goer says: "At the cinema we do not feel the pangs of hunger".



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24° Festival


01 October - 06 October 2021

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