Galline in fuga 2001

Chicken run
by Nick Park, Peter Lord Animazione Gran Bretagna 2000 84'

Trapped in an iron wire fence, a group of hens fights for survival trying not to lose their dignity. Inside the farm terrible Mrs Tweedy wants more and more eggs, threatening to eliminate those hens who will not be up to production. The only hope left is running away, a plan encouraged by the vigorous cock Rocky, who promises he will teach them how to fly. But even Rocky, landed in the farm yard after being shot by a circus cannon, doesn't seem able to solve their problems. The hens will have to do everything on their own, freeing their species from the common belief that chickens are not intelligent.<%YOUTUBE=XTqByD77Y6Q%>


Nick Park, Peter Lord


Gran Bretagna

Film submission

23° Festival


29 May - 03 June 2020

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