Varză, cartofi şi alţi demoni

Cabbage, Potatoes and other Demons

In the local market of Lunguletu, a Romanian village, 1000 farmers sit on their tractors carrying of tons of cabbage and potatoes and wait for customers. At the end of the day they either sell the produce for near to nothing or destroy it. The production system is deadlocked. To understand its causes and a possible way out, the film director spends a year in the village and works the land. The mayor and some villagers have ideas and possible solutions. But the farmers mistrust each other, fearing a return to collectivization. One of the many ironies of farming told with wit in the story of a village stuck between past and present.At the end of the screening, Ecotalk Terra Nostra


Șerban Georgescu

Film submission

23° Festival


29 May -

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