Campo Dux - Il Duce tra gli Avanguardisti e Balilla allo Stadio Campo Dux

Capo Dux. The Duce in One of the Fascist Youth Movement's Meetings at thr Stadium of Campo Dux

The documentary focuses on one of the Fascist youth movement's meetings, which took place at Flaminius Stadium. A camera follows the gymnastic exercises and complex choreographies of the young athletes, their entrance in single file and their spreading out over the whole field before the performance. Several sequences show the inside of the stadium, the enthusiastic crowd cheering the Duce, a cardinal's visit and the Duce's image: chest thrown out, he watches the performance with great interest, gives a speech, mingles with the crowd to the the balilla (a group of the Fascist youth movement) band's music .The documentary has been shot by at least three cameramen. One of them is in charge of shooting the Duce, another one goes around the crowd with a hand-camera.



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01 October - 06 October 2021

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