Greenpeace Genetic Engeneering Campaign 1998

Campagna alimenti geneticamente modificati 1998
Documentary Paesi Bassi 1999 4'

 Fast collage of one of the actions organised by Green Peace during the 1998 campaign against genetically modified food. Spectacular and non violent actions, according to a style and techniques that have developed a series of imitators as, for example, in Seattle and other following campaigns. Demostrations in front of the headquarters of multinationals, involved in the production of GMO or public istitutions such as the French Ministry of Agricolture and European Environmental Commission. "Back to sender" to Novartis of genetically modified corn crops, just destroyed in Germany, Switzerland and France. Symbolic removals performed in supermarkets of products containing genetically modified ingredients


Paesi Bassi

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01 October - 04 October 2020

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