CamminAmare Liguria

by Elisa Nicoli Documentary Italia 2008 58'

A total of 390 km of Ligurian coastline walked in 19 days: in July 2008, photographer Riccardo Carnovalini, 23 years after his first walk, accompanied by fellow walkers, crossed his native Liguria, from Carrara to Balzi Rossi, followed by the director's camera. The goal was clear: to denounce the eyesores and examples of real-estate speculation at the "scene of the crime" but also to capture images some of the last remaining places of scenic beauty as a source of hope against future land-misuse. From the Pitelli dumps to the abandoned Villaggio Europa at Cinque Terre, from the closed Stoppani chemical plant to the many other development projects disfiguring the Riviera which the local populations strongly opposed; the images of a widespread environmental disaster familiar to all, yet seldom reported.

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05 June - 11 June 2023

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