Nata libera

Born Free
by James Hill Documentary 1966 95'

George Adamson and his wife Joy are both wildlife conservationists and live in Kenya. When he is forced to kill a lioness out of self defense, he brings home the three orphaned cubs and tends to them to young lionhood. Two are sent to a zoo, but Elsa remains with Joy, who opposes sending Elsa to a zoo. But because domesticated, Elsa will not be able to survive in the wild. It is only through Joy's determination and skill that Elsa will be reinserted in her natural habitat. Based on Joy Adamson's novel of the same name, the film won two Oscars (John Barry's original musical score and best song). A sequel was released in 1972 and a TV series was also made.A meeting with Enzo Lavagnini (movie critic) and Simone Pollo (La Sapienza University, Rome) will be held after the showing.


James Hill

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05 June - 11 June 2023

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