Biografia di un aereo

Biography of an Aircraft

The description of G91, created in Turin on a project by the engineer Nazareno Gabrielli, is the chance to think back to some periods of the history of Fiat and to sketch all the transformations undergone by Turin over the years. G91 production is analyzed from the designing and execution to testing and certification phases. G91 performances are confirmed by the results of a military exercitation made by the 51st airforce brigade of Treviso. The film is directed with figurative energy by Giannarelli and Nelli, who seem to enjoy in exploiting all the technical devices, available thanks to Fiat and the Italian Aviation. It is a sort of dress rehearsal of an adventure movie, a genre usually scrapped for thoroughness and ideological commitment. About Piero Nelli, we remember most of all the amazing début, in 1954, with La pattuglia sperduta, containing a skilful connection, reconstructing a First Independence War episode, between the best neo-realistic reportage, not without some echoes from De Amicis, and a figurative vision pictured through foggy atmospheres and linear structured images with poplars and canals. Ansano Giannarelli, instead, after his début like assistant director in Monicelli's Proibito (1954) becomes one of the most interesting author of Italian documentary genre, which he regards as the real political and informational rival show of television, so he has directed, between 1960 and 1980, films like: 16 ottobre 1943, TV di paese, Africa chiama, La tortura, Analisi del lavoro, Sabato, domenica, lunedì, Veleni d'Italia, Un film sul PCI, Guido Rossa. Very interesting are Sierra maestra (1969), which keeps the documentary style in the reconstruction of an Italian reporter arrest in Venezuela, indicted for supporting guerrilla; Evariste Gaulois (1973), a biography of the famous French mathematician, and the fine work of historical reconstruction in Resistenza: una nazione che risorge (1976).



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