Belle & Sebastien - L'avventura continua

Belle et Sébastien: l'aventure continue
by Christian Duguay 2015 99'

1945. WWII is over. Ten-year-old Sebastien lives in the Alpine village of Saint Martin with his dog, Belle, and his adoptive grandfather, Cesar. They are awaiting the return of Cesar's daughter, Angelina, awarded by the French and British military for her bravery in the Resistance. The plane carrying her back home crashes in the mountains, apparently without survivors. But Sebastien is convinced that Angelina is alive and takes Belle with him to search for her. Reaching the crash site will be arduous and it will be the start of an adventure for Sebastien that will become a rite of passage from childhood to adolescence.A meeting with Enrico Camanni (Dislivelli) will be held after showingIn cordata selection


Christian Duguay

Film submission

23° Festival


01 October - 04 October 2020

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