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by Holger Tappe, Lenard Fritz Krawinkel Animazione Germania, Regno Unito, Spagna 2004 97'

Gaya is a fantasy world populated by beings who are similar to humans but much smaller. Their world exists thanks to a magic stone called the "˜Dalamite'. When this mysteriously disappears, Boo and Zino start out on an amazing and dangerous journey to find it. Their goal is our world. It is only leaving their land with Alanta, the arrogant daughter of the mayor, that they discover the truth about themselves and Gaya.They are nothing but characters in a television series and Gaya is the invention of a scriptwriter.But while they are getting on terms with the real world, they have to find out who stole the magic stone...<%YOUTUBE=KjSO_5HDJgM%>


Germania, Regno Unito, Spagna

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