Scena/ri di sostenibilità - B2House

Do we really know the chances to exploit alternative energy sources in orther to use the natural resources avoiding negative environmental impacts on our territory?
Putting a dinner together becomes an opportunity to realize which could be the requirements and principles needed to design an eco-sustainable house, and to find out how they produce energy conservation and savings as well as the increasing of dwellers comforts.
Use of rainwater, firewood, solar panels, garbage re-use and recycling, could be achievable targets for everybody; in fact all these activities do not inevitably mean a throwback, an elite phenomenon, a passing fancy.
This video, made from some real experiences, shows images catching the charm and the opportunities but also the complexity of a case, the bio-housing, in constant development and ever more up-to-date.

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01 October - 06 October 2021

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