Street Boulder

Arrampicatori metropolitani
by Rovero Impiglia Documentary Italia 2007 45'

Street Boulder describes the relatively new phenomenon of street-bouldering, a sport that has attracted more widespread enthusiasm in Italy than anywhere else in the world. A spin-off of bouldering (similar to rock climbing), this urban variant started as a reaction to increasing urbanization and a desire to experience city living on a vertical plane. For street-boulder enthusiasts the gray metropolis provides an enormous outdoor gym: a building façade, a monument, a bridge or an abandoned building all become blocks to be conquered and a challenge to a climber's skills.
Through the voices of the founders of street-bouldering Italian style and with the aid of unique, spectacular images, this documentary recounts the origins and spread of the sport, its techniques and philosophy, as well as problems with the law.


Rovero Impiglia



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24° Festival


01 October - 06 October 2021

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