Anthropocene: the Human Epoch

Preceded by Manufactured Landscapes and Watermark, this is the third and final part of a trilogy about the impact of human activity on the Earth. Cement walls in China stretch along 60% of the continental coastline; huge diggers built in Germany; psychedelic potassium mines in the Ural Mountains; the devastated Great Barrier Reef in Australia; surreal brine pools from a lithium mine on the Atacama salt flat in the Atacama Desert, Chile, are among the sites on this journey to discover irreparable changes in the landscape. Shots of astounding beauty testify to a critical phase of the current geological process: the Holocene has given way to the Anthropocene, an era characterized by human domination over nature, which has become the driving force behind environmental and climate changes.


Jennifer Baichwal, Nicholas de Pencier, Edward Burtynsky


Mercury Films