Animals Save the Planet

Gli animali salvano il pianeta
by Lester Mordue Animazione Regno Unito/UK 2007 6'

Animals Save the Planet is a series of humorous, animated short films that feature tips from animals on how to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Produced for "Animal Planet" by Aardman Animations, the Academy Award-winning studio for Wallace & Gromit, Animals Save the Planet is a funny, engaging series of eleven short clay animation films (20-40 seconds in length) that feature animals, in their own habitats, demonstrating how everyone can make a difference by practicing a greener lifestyle. As humans continue to damage the environment and animal habitat, viewers can watch as some of their favourite creatures speak up, providing useful and positive tips on living a cleaner lifestyle.ELECTRIC EELS (2008, video, col., 58')A brilliant couple of Eels to promote energy saving.ELEPHANT WATER (video, col., 38'') It would more
polite to consider others before wasting all the water.GAS MEAT (video, col., 38'') The more meat we
eat, the more cows there are that make the gases that create the greenhouse effect.JELLYFISH BAG (video, col., 47'') Think about where the rubbish ends up.LIONS RECYCLE (video, col., 29'')If animals can recycle, then so can we.MEERKATS TRAFFIC (video, col., 1') We all agree that riding a bicycle does not produce emissions and is to everyone's advantage.POLAR BEAR BULBS (video, col., 50'') Energy-saving light bulbs use only a fifth of the energy conventional ones use.SUPERMARKET BAGS (2008, video, col., 1') We can take our shopping bags from home to do the shopping.


Lester Mordue


Regno Unito/UK



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