Tutti i colori del bianco e nero

All the Colors of Black and White

This is a short film conceived by the Italian Unicef Committee that deals with selfhood/ otherness and intercultural relationships. A flexible, creative style has been chosen, with Plasticine animation. The film stars the Ice Cream Penguin, who undertakes a journey beyond the confines of his monochromatic world. He returns after a series of meaningful encounters: there are turtles who reject him aggressively, raccoons who accept him only if he acts like they do, hippos who ignore him and the albatross with whom he at last is able to integrate, without, however, truly assimilating. Upon his return, newly discovered colors become inspiration for new flavors of ice cream, as the rest of the penguins discover the delights of distant lands.



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26° Festival


05 June - 11 June 2023

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