Aida degli alberi

by Guido Manuli Animazione Italia 2001 75'

In the forest kingdom of Arborea, the peaceful inhabitants constr uct their rudimentary wooden houses in the trees. But incursions by Petra soldiers in search of slaves disrupt the harmony of the tree people. Petra is the nearby rock kingdom, known for its aggressive stone architecture and highly organiz ed and violent modern lifestyle. Looming above Petra is the temple of Satam, god of war. Radames, the reckless son of a Petra general, falls in love with Aida, princess of Arborea, and attempts to put an end to the conflict between the two peoples. Not only are the characters divided along lines of Good and Evil, but the fictional locations Arborea and Petra also represent, respectively, the Good in man's relationship with nature and the Evil in the conflict between technology and nature.


Guido Manuli



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