Risky Bussiness

Affari pericolosi
by Mark Dworkin, Melissa Young Documentary Canada 1996 24'

Documented analysis of risks in the utilization of biotecnologies in agricolture. The Calgene Director statements about the reduction of chemical products, that biotecnologies would support, are denied by datas that show how the most of experiments are refered to the creation of plants able to support  more quantitives of chemical products. It is also shown the attempt to produce animlas able to support the stressed conditions of the intensive breedings, without tryng to elininate these conditions.Responsables from Ecuador, India and Philipines associations denounce the most dirty and dangerous experiments from their countries, while a senator from Vermount tells how Monsalto prevented that a law against the somministration to cows of the very dangerous for farmers economy and costumers health BGH hormone s was approved.



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