...A Valparaiso

by Joris Ivens Documentary Cile, Francia 1963 37'

Ivens met Salvador Allende in Havana.With his suppor t,in 1962 the director went to Santiago de Chile where he taught cinematography at University. As in his previous teaching experiences ,the best approach he could find to his subject was the practical one.The cooperation with Santiago university students produced A Valparaiso, a documentary on the peculiar features of the Chilean seaport. Vertically built on five hills rising from the port, the city distributes its life on different levels and floors.Valparaiso recalls a sort of Dante's Hell, where height denotes the social status of the people crowding on the long staircases at r ush times. The documentary is not meant to have a marked political message. It seems rather to be tied to the lyric cine-poème of such films as The Rain and When the Seine meets P aris, where the strong decriptive impact and the clearness of the images are the main visual contents.


Joris Ivens


Cile, Francia

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26° Festival


05 June - 11 June 2023

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