A Film Study of Robert Flaherty's Lousiana Story

by Richard Leacock Documentary Usa 1962 114'

The film starts with the opening sequence of Louisiana Story, in the uncut version, and goes through all that Flaherty filmed, showing some parts never screened before. The new fragments are accompanied by the voices of Frances Flaherty and Richard Leacock, commenting on the artistic choices made by Robert during the shhoting and deeply affected by a sense of discovery that was peculiar to his working method. It took eight months to select 2000 meters out of the 100,000 meters of exposed film. A quarter of them are included in this film.
Leacock says: "I remember very well the day we were shooting the scene of little Cajun finding JoJo, his racoon, on a tree.The tree was there, JoJo was there, little Cajun was there, the spot lights were ready. My camera was ready too, when Mr. Flaherty found a shining cobweb wet with dew. We spent the whole morning filming the inside of the web. This got all people bored. But for me it was incredible. I thought that a good director would tell his script girl to remind him to film the web in case there was some time left. It took me months to understand that Flaherty's method was actually based on discipline... Slowly I began to understand his approach..."


Richard Leacock



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