Uno stabilimento grande e subito

A Big Plant and... Straightaway
by Stefano Calanchi Documentary Italia 1973 33'

The story of the plant built by Fiat in Togliattigrad, in Soviet Union, from the agreement signature between Valletta and Minister Tarassov to the daily life of Italian technicians in Ukraine. The film follows up, together with the cycle of seasons, the building of the plant, showing the production organization with the assembly lines, but also the social relations among Italian and Russian workers; as well as love stories involving Fiat technicians and Togliattigrad girls, with a happy "wedding ending". The propaganda style necessarily connected to this kind of documentaries, is in the same wave-length of Soviet iconography ... from the pioneers with their red scarf sketching a gag, to the huge stylized Lenin's full-length portrait overlooking the assembly lines. The film is nearly a manifesto of a perfect society as the synthesis of socialism and industrial organization.


Stefano Calanchi



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24° Festival


01 October - 06 October 2021

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