13 variazioni su un tema barocco

Alessandro Gagliardo, Christian Consoli, In March 2004, the Office of Industrial Development of the Region of Sicily authorized four oil companies to explore potential oil reserves in four different areas (750 sq. km) in Sicily. One of these is Val di Noto, an  area that has become a model for developing quality tourism and biological agriculture and is listed on the  UNESCO World Heritage List as part of the properties recognized as exhibiting outstanding universal value  for its natural beauty and important baroque monuments. This film tells the story of the conflict between  the Goliaths (American oilmen) and the Davids (the Val di Noto residents) in their 2-year battle against the  project. The authors combine classic enquiry reporting with audiovisual motifs and content by using a  skilful match of graphics, animation, archive materials, music and testimonials (including Roy Paci). <%YOUTUBE=duXo1L0s00U%>

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