A greener festival for an eco-protocol of cultural events

5 October 2021 10:00 Il Circolo dei Lettori

The severity of the ecological crisis is forcing festival and cultural event organizers to seriously think about the role they play in communicating the environmental emergency to their audiences and about holding eco-sustainable events. Cultural operators need to take a stronger stance against climate change. The response to the recent pandemic has shown that major changes can be quickly achieved. Changes to the organization of cultural events need to be made, anticipating the enactment of legislation in many countries.

The European Recovery Plan for Italy may provide the occasion: “Reform article 3.1: Adoption of minimal environmental criteria for cultural events. The aim is to improve the ecological footprint of cultural events (exhibitions, festivals, cultural events, musical events) through the inclusion of social and environmental criteria in public bids for tender for cultural events financed, promoted or held by a public agency. The consistent application of such criteria will allow for the transfer of sustainable technologies/products and will promote the evolution of an operative model for sector operators, nudging them to conform to the needs of the public administration.”

In 2021, the Associazione Festival italiani di Cinema (AFIC) launched a project that will involve associated festival organizers around the country in suggesting regulations for common guidelines on reducing the environmental impact of events.

In collaboration with AFIC and ARPA Piemonte, CinemAmbiente will hold a meeting on reducing the environmental impact of cultural events. The meeting will be held online and at the Circolo dei Lettori. Invited speakers are festival directors, representatives from agencies, research institutes, and certification bodies.



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