Environmental communication in Italy and the global challenge of sustainability

 Meeting jointly organized by CinemAmbiente and eHabitat, under the auspices of the Federazione Italiana Media Ambientali (FIMA) with the collaboration of the NGO Consortium Piemontesi and the Associazione Stampa Subalpina Wednesday, 5 June 2019, 9.30- 12.00, Palazzo Ceriana Mayneri, Corso Stati Uniti 27 – Turin
5 June 2019 09:30 Palazzo Ceriana Mayneri

Environmental movements are enjoying greater visibility around the world. So, too, in Italy environmental issues both general and specific such as student rallies, are increasingly covered in the daily news.
This heightened attention may provide a further reason for observing how environmental information is communicated in Italy and how effective it is in this context.
The meeting will address a range of issues: the relationship between the print media, radio and TV, and the Web. While the Web appears to be the only place where hot issues can be discussed, it does not wield the same authority as the traditional media channels.
From this starting point the question arises as to the function of communicating emergencies and disasters. Where can citizens find out about sustainable lifestyles? Or about the interconnection between global and local environmental problems? Is environmental communication a source of information or a call to action? How does it present activists, researchers and protesters, and other who have raised their voice?

The meeting will be held within the framework of the Frame, Voice, Report! Project funded by the European Union.



Corso Stati Uniti 27, Torino (TO)


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