Environmental Cinema Today

4 October 2021 10:00 Il Circolo dei Lettori

There is broad consensus in the scientific community that we have entered the Anthropocene, a new geological era that is the outcome of human activities and that manifests with diverse phenomena such as climate change, mass extinction, ecosystem pollution, and social injustice exacerbated by the economic crisis and the global pandemic. In the words of Serenella Iovino, “The Anthropocene is not a geological hypothesis but rather the plot in a planetary novel.”

The rate at which these phenomena occur has suddenly begun to accelerate, changing our lives. Now visible and narrable, they have become cinematographic material fueling the exponential growth in environmental films and the search for a solution. Every year, thousands of films are made, about 3000 of which are submitted for selection at CinemAmbiente. The number of environmental films festivals has grown, as has the films presented at general film festivals. More and more, environmental film playlists can be found on popular TB channels and independent streaming platforms.

Invited for a discussion day, the cineasts and experts on the Environmental Cinema Today panel will talk about the role of the cinema during this period of great change. Topics include film production, distribution, and content, the ability of cinema to initiate or support environmental campaigns, apply eco-protocols during the making of a film, and, more in general, the essential characteristics of cinema that is able to describe current society.

Following introductions, the panel will provide an occasion for filmmakers and experts to exchange views.



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