Concorso documentari internazionali 2013

Premio Consulta provinciale degli studenti di Torino

Prize assigned to

The film efficaciously shows the tragic impact of economic and political decisions on the environment and its inhabitants. It also presents a stark contrast between precarious living conditions in one of the world’s poorest areas and our Western society, provoking an appreciation for many things we often take for granted. The photography and narrative technique are both highly effective.

Jury: Giulia Beverino, Davide Cappitella, Ivan Cuzzi, Isabella Gallo, Anasa Hanafi, Fabio Nicola, Margherita Peila, Carola Porporato, Veronica Rosazza Prin, Edoardo Salviato, Jasmine Shojaei,  coordinated by Stefania Lupo.

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