Concorso documentari internazionali 2010

Premio Consulta provinciale degli studenti di Torino

Prize assigned to

Mai Iskander Usa, Egitto/Egypt 2009 79'

The main purpose of this jury, composed by students was to choose a film capable of grabbing the attention of young people like us and engage them. The final choice, source of many discussions had been Garbage Dreams. Thanks to their main charachters, with whom it is easy to empathize, we faced a different reality, which was closer to us than we expected We realized how such a rich and arrogant Country as ours has a lot to learn in matters of recycling and re-use. The dreams of those kids, albeit very different from ours, have the very same roots. The hope for a safer and cleaner future. We do hope that the young audience watching this film will understand the importance of the Separate Waste Collection, and will start to take care for the Planet without been overwhelmed by the sad, endless search for profit.

Jury: Matteo Basso, Marta Bollito, Chiara Morelli, Davide Spriano, Marco Tresso. 


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