Concorso documentari internazionali 2010

Menzione speciale Green Cross

Mention assigned to

The challenge of social and environmental sustainability should be a main issue of global and local governments.  The communication of  real-life cinema becomes an instrument of interpretation and an example of how politics is working in different areas of the Planet.   For this reason the Special mention given by the Green Cross Jury is assigned to two films very different from each other in their visual language, way of production and subject. Both films represent this challenge.
The first film,  a real story narrated with humor and high spirit, shows us a new possible world, thanks to the intelligence and the “good crazyness” of two men who decided not  to surrender to  conformism and   give a new boost to politics with competence and method. In fact,  if all big cities could be ruled in the way suggested by Antanas Mockus and Enrique Peñalosa, we could finally speak of an eco-sustainable society and show that a new world is possible.
The second film awarded is a documentary capable of comparing the beauty of underwater biodiversity images, usually seen in more pleasing contexts, with the alarming problem of extinguishing of the fishing stock   and its implications for marine life. This problem becomes the symbol of the world’s environmental crisis, it shows on screen the global crash between nature, with its immovable laws, and bad politics that obeys to private interests.


Italy Managing director of Un-Guru

Italy Producer and director

Italy Journalist

Italy Director

Italy Journalist

Italy Coordinator and director of social communications in Latin America and Africa - Centro internazionale Crocevia

Italy TV presenter, writer

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