Premi e menzioni speciali 2015

Menzione speciale Cooperativa Arcobaleno “Ambiente e società”

Prize assigned to

For its well-paced, well-structured, and engagingly told story of swordfish fishing in the Straits of Messina. The documentary raises several questions: should the protagonist follow in his father’s footsteps, continue to perpetrate animal suffering and the predominance of man over prey?
Stupendous photography, solid narrative, and creative editing reveal an unexpected view of the sea, its indescribable beauty, and the profound relationship between man and the sea. A bold treatment of a genuine passion for fishing handed down from father to son. A final statement about those who seek a better future but find death instead. The responsibility lies not with the sea but with us.

Jury: Marco Avataneo, Angelo Fanelli, Roberto Lombardo, Valeria Munari, Giovanni Porquier, Gabriella Serra 

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