Alex Ruiz

Lucho Iglesias (b. Madrid) earned a degree in Organic Agriculture, before continuing studies in ecoconstruction. Since 2000 he has co-managed a permaculture center at Rio Grande, near Malaga, and taught. He has collaborated with various NGOs on environmental projects. As researcher in the food sector, he is interested in preventive diets and biological and conventional agriculture.Alex Ruiz Pino (b. Colombia) studied music and art in Colombia, the U.S., Cuba, and Spain. Since 1986 he as collaborated with international cooperation groups working in Third World countries. He began working in audiovisuals in 1987 as graphic designer, and in 2000 directed his first video clip. Utopia (2008) is his directorial feature film debut.  

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26° Festival


05 June - 11 June 2023

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