Jean-Michel Bertrand

Director France

Bertrand was born in Saint-Bonnet-en-Champsaur (Hautes-Alpes), where his family had lived for generations. More interested in the mountains than the classroom, he preferred the company of wildlife and the solitude of the rugged outdoors. At age 16 he worked as a ski instructor and a tree planter for the State Forest Corps but soon felt the urge to leave France for exploring the world. His first feature film was filmed in Iceland and garnered him first prize at the Festival de Grands Voyageurs de Super Dévoluy. With a keen eye for discerning humans universals, he then depicted the poverty and labor exploitation of children in Belfast and Dublin. His next film dealt with the nomads of Mongolia, following their migrations over the course of a year. Returning to his native French Alps, he began to explore remote areas and discover the magical attraction of mountain forests and legends. The royal eagle, the secret companion in his childhood dreams, is described in Flirting with Heights (2009), which won the Grand Prix for best film at the 2009 Festival Natur Namour and was presented at 2011 CinemAmbiente. The Valley of the Wolves (2016) is his most recent accomplishment of bringing wildlife to the screen.

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05 June - 11 June 2023

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